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Writing can be a solitary pastime and you're probably an introvert heart...

I know I am - even though some of the videos you'll see in our Facebook Group might suggest otherwise.

But there's so much to learn when it comes to writing, editing, and marketing and no matter where you are up in in your journey, it's a safe bet someone out there has already figured it out somewhere along the path - and is willing to help!

The thing is, for some of us, the people closest may not understand the call to spend hours every day typing away, or staring out into space all up in your head and oblivious to what's going on around you - but we do!

We're writers too....

So join our Writer's Diary Facebook Group - it's private and a safe space to connect with myself and other like-minded women on their road to becoming published authors.

We are your tribe! Join us....

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