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Lesson Six - Do you really think you're worthy of becoming a published author?

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

So by now, you will have identified or be working toward creating positive beliefs about yourself. You will be familiar with your positive attributes and learning to praise yourself.

You are starting to see that you are unique, purposeful, and have many things to offer.


Once you have created your life as a successful author, if you have failed to do the following it could all come crumbling down just like it often does for some movie, stars, singers, and other people who find themselves living out their dreams.

So, before you find yourself being interviewed on Ellen, you have to know without a doubt that – You Are Worthy.

So, before you find yourself being interviewed on Ellen, you have to know without a doubt that – You Are Worthy...

Now, I don’t mean that as in we need to take a test to find out. I already know you are. But the key is - you need to know you are as well.

If you don’t, you will inevitably enter into the dark realms of those who live surrounded by everything they ever wanted, yet feel more alone than they ever have.

Think about the legends we have lost over the years...

Robin Williams, Kurt Cobain, Whitney Houston, Philip Seymour Hoffman. Maybe even someone in your own life who you thought was happy and content but in truth was devastatingly depressed.

When we hear about these kinds of tragedies, we always respond the same way: “Why would they do that when they had such a great and enviable life?”

The answer is, because creating a dream life means nothing if you don’t know how to feel fulfilled.

Creating a dream life means nothing if you don’t know how to feel fulfilled...

What I mean is, if you are striving to achieve something because either you need that success to prove you are good enough, or to make other people see that you are good enough, no matter how much you succeed you will always feel empty inside. It will still feel like no matter what you do, it isn’t good enough.

Those who reach the pinnacle of fame and fortune and still feel this way often face an even tougher conclusion because there is nowhere left for them to go. They are already at the top of their game. They have nothing left to reach for. That's why we lose so many great and successful people.

The thing is, whatever you are achieving or doing externally, will never be enough if you don’t believe that You Are Enough.

So, what does it mean to know You Are Worthy?

First I’ll tell you what it doesn’t mean.

It doesn’t mean:

  • That other people recognise you as being successful

  • That you have worked hard and earned your place

  • That you are attractive

  • That you are skilled

  • That you are strategic

  • That you have the right family

  • That you know the right people and move in the right circles

What it means, is: You, as a person, are worthy and deserving of love, success, and happiness no matter what anyone else thinks or says.

You are worthy. You are deserving. You are enough.

Of course, there are things you want to learn, be better at, work toward, and achieve. But that aside, right now, as you are – You are Worthy.

Just because you are you.

I know for some of you that might be hard to take on board. Maybe you’ve made mistakes. Maybe you haven’t treated yourself very well. Maybe someone has told you otherwise or linked your worthiness to a certain behaviour or skill and without it you think you are not enough...

But that’s NOT true!


You are an incredible, individual person with hopes and dreams and amazing qualities. You are unique and loving. You have opinions and thoughts and beliefs. You have the ability to choose who and what you want to be.

You are everything and You Are Worthy:

  • No matter what your parents did, said, or made you believe

  • No matter what you had to do to make them see your worth back when you were little

  • No matter what some idiot told you or tried to make you believe

  • No matter if people have tried to put you down just to make themselves look and feel better

  • No matter how many mistakes you’ve made along the way

  • No matter how many ways you’ve discovered not to do something

  • No matter what a frenemy has done or said

YOU ARE WORTHY of whatever it is you want in life. You deserve to be happy, loved, and successful.

No one is going to hand it to you, you’re going to have to work for it, but today and every day that follows until you create your achieve your goals and dreams you are worthy of it.

Then, when you achieve it, every day that you spend living it – you will feel worthy and deserving of it.

So, now that we know why it’s so important to believe that You Are Worthy, let’s start making sure you do it right.

1. Every single morning when you wake up, the first thing to tell yourself either out loud or in your head is – I Am Worthy of… and add in your writing goal. You can design and change your mantra to suit so long as it begins with I Am Worthy.

2. Every night before you fall asleep repeat the above action. I Am Worthy must be the first and last thing you tell yourself every day.

3. Write I Am Worthy on your mirror at home and anywhere else you can think of that's appropriate.

4. Spread the love. Tell other people they are worthy too.

5. When you feel nervous, insecure, or undeserving (which you are not), whisper to yourself I Am Worthy.

6. Make I Am Worthy part of your DNA until the next time you doubt yourself, your internal voice instantly responds by saying I Am Worthy and you immediately get back on track.

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