• Nikki Lee Taylor

How to use basic grammar to keep your readers turning the page

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Understanding basic grammar is one thing, but when it comes to writing fiction basic is not good enough. You need to make nouns, verbs, and adjectives sing if you want your book to be memorable.

This post is for writers who are just getting started on their goal of becoming authors, so I am going to start with the basics to ensure the main elements used in writing are clear and easy to understand.

But before we start, I want to provide a word of warning. Us artistic and creative types hate following the rules, right? We want our words to flow organically and write what inspires us. But unfortunately, if you sidestep the basics one thing is guaranteed - you will not sell your book.

Now I know that's not what you want to hear but your readers - the ones you hope will pay for the pleasure of reading your book - are sticklers for the rules and they'll tell you with a closed wallet (or bad reviews) when you've got it wrong. Trust me!

So here are five fundamental things you need to understand about the English language before you write your book - or at least before you let anyone read it!