• Nikki Lee Taylor

Welcome to your 7-day Emotional Mastery for Authors course

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Hi, and welcome to your 7-Day Emotional Mastery for Authors course!

My name is Nikki Lee Taylor and I am so happy you're here, because believe me when I say - I get it!

You love writing and long to have your book published, read, and loved by millions, right?


With so many great authors out in the world it can be tough believing you have what it takes, to accept the idea that some day your work could be up on the shelf beside the authors we love and admire.

It can be so daunting in fact, that sometimes we stall, we make excuses not to start, or start only to become crippled by impostor syndrome, and the fear of what our friends and family might think. We tell ourselves no one would want to publish our book, or read it for that matter...

And then we stop writing...

Am I right?

Making it as an author will be tough, there's no way around that, but the thing is, if you don't believe in yourself then it's pretty much guaranteed your dreams will never come true - and we don't want that, right?

Right now there’s probably a part of you buzzing with a warm rush of hope, excitement, and optimism. You’re daring to imagine you might be about to embark on a journey that will help you find the self-confidence you have been lacking as a writer.