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The Secrets We Keep Duology


Book One - The Secrets We Keep 

A completely gripping, twist-packed psychological thriller, perfect for fans of Liane Moriarty, K.L Slater, and Lisa Jewell.

“The suspense never ends and parts of this book rip your heart right out of your chest. It is so hard to read through the tears but you have to because this book grabs you and pulls you in!! That quality is rare in a book!”

One woman who has lost everything. Another with everything to lose.


Sophie Miller had it all. A loving husband and adorable six-year-old son. They were a perfect family. Until a drunk driver lost control and James and Josh were killed on their way to a soccer game. Five years later, and a mother without a child, she remains a shadow of herself, barely leaving the house and relying on anti-anxiety pills just to get through the day. Working from home as a book editor is safe – or so she thinks, until a manuscript comes across her desk that threatens to turn her world upside down.

Because Sophie has a secret. A child that many years ago she helped to conceive.

The story triggers in her a sudden longing to know. Would the child share Josh’s chestnut hair? The same gold and brown flecks of his eyes. She wouldn’t interfere. She would watch from a distance. Just to know. Could she see the features of her little boy reflected one last time?

It wouldn’t hurt just to look. Would it?



Madelyn-May Marozzi has it all. To her Love, Mommy online community she is the perfect mother. She has a successful husband, perfect twins, and an idyllic life.

What they don’t know is that Madelyn-May is not who she says she is.

Certain everyone who knows the truth about her past is long gone, Madelyn-May’s world is turned upside down when an anonymous email drops into her inbox threatening to expose a horrific crime she committed as a teenager.

But should she take the threat seriously? Everyone involved is already dead. Aren’t they?


Book Two - The Truth We Tell 

Can you ever really outrun the past? Find out in the highly anticipated sequel to The Secrets We Keep.

Accused of murder and on the run, would you choose to save yourself or the life of a little girl you’ve never met?

Five years after being kidnapped and almost killed in a car crash, seventeen-year-old Harlow just wants to live a normal life. But when a controversial video of a drunken night out goes viral, she quickly finds herself exposed to the vicious attacks of online trolls. What they don’t know is that their cowardly online abuse is about to trigger a chain of events that will not only put Harlow’s life in danger but will force her to choose between saving herself and the life of a little girl she’s never met.

In this intense, edge-of-your-seat thriller, Taylor takes readers on yet another emotional roller coaster as The Secrets We Keep and the fate of Harlow, Sophie, Bastian, and Madelyn-May reaches an unflinching and unforgettable conclusion in The Truth We Tell.

Once again, the book explores the complex and intricate relationships we have with others and ourselves, as Taylor crafts an intense and compelling narrative around the bonds of family and how truth has the power to set us free.

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