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Mia & Koda - the heart and soul of the Wildling K9 Mystery Series

Updated: Jun 14

Meet Wildling Search and Reascue Officer, Mia Thomas...

With an Aboriginal father and a white Australian mother, Mia has always navigated the complexities of her mixed heritage. Her long dark hair and brown eyes reflect her rich cultural lineage, yet she struggles to embrace her grandmother Mimi's traditional Australian heritage.

In her small hometown of Wildling, NSW, she often feels caught between two worlds.

Her twin brother, Jason, is an unofficial genious, adding to Mia’s feelings of never being quite good enough. But despite her demons, Mia's resilience and tenacity always shine through.

As a search and rescue officer, she thrives on the challenge, driven by a deep sense of duty and a love for her loyal dog, Koda. Outside of her demanding job, Mia finds solace in simple pleasures, like savouring her go to coffee - a mocha latte from The Sweetbread Cafe.

...and her incredible dog Koda

Koda, Mia's three-year-old chocolate and white border collie, is more than just a loyal companion—he's a highly trained search and rescue dog with remarkable skills.

Specialising in both ground and air-scent search techniques, Koda can locate lost individuals in diverse terrains, from dense bushland to snowy mountains, and even under the weight of an avalanche. His keen sense of smell and sharp intellect make him an invaluable asset in the field. Koda's training allows him to perform under the most challenging conditions, ensuring that no stone is left unturned in search efforts.

Besides his professional aptitude, Koda's cheeky and intelligent nature endears him to everyone he meets. His relationship with Mia is built on mutual trust, loyalty, and love, making them an unstoppable team in the high-stakes world of search and rescue.

Their Unbreakable Bond

The bond between Mia and Koda is at the heart of the Wildling K9 Mystery Series.

Their relationship is built on an unwavering foundation of trust, loyalty, and love - a connection that is not just emotional, but also professional. They rely on each other to navigate the perilous terrains of search and rescue missions and Koda’s instincts and training are second to none. It's this mutual understanding allows them to work seamlessly as a team, often communicating without words and instead relying on hand signals and unspoken commands.

Outside of their missions, their bond is just as strong. Mia finds comfort and companionship in Koda, especially during moments of self-doubt and personal struggle. Koda, in turn, thrives on Mia’s affection and leadership.

Their unbreakable bond is a testament to the power of the human-dog relationship, making their story a captivating element of this search and rescue fiction series.

Book One in the Wildling Alpine Mystery Series - Alpine Secrets is coming soon.

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