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I am a woman's fiction author, a journal gypsy, a dreamer, a doer, and a woman with a fierce belief that it is never ever too late to follow your dreams, achieve your goals, live your best life... and rewrite your story.

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Therapy journaling is a proven way to help deal with negative emotions and sets you on the path to starting over...

Join my tribe of empowered Journal Gyspies today and start to heal through simple journaling.

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Using writing to connect with women who have experienced, abuse, toxic relationships, addiction, and other kinds of trauma is at the heart of everything I do.

As a fiction author, I am committed to writing women as complex, flawed, strong, unstoppable characters - because that's who we are in real life.

But I also want to connect deeper. To really help real-life women like me, and my characters, who have been to hell and back.


None of us are perfect. We all have flaws. We've all made mistakes. 

Many years ago, throughout my own journey of recovery, I discovered the power of journal therapy. It helped me to heal and create the life I have today, which is a far cry from the toxic and abusive experiences I endured in my younger years.

That's why I went on to study Journal Therapy, to help women (and sometimes men) learn simple writing techniques that will help begin the healing process.

And so...

I am committed to:

Sharing the healing power & benefits of journal therapy and how it can change your life.

Creating a tribe of Journal Gypsies - strong, empowered women who are free from their past pain and re-writing their lives.

As an author, creating novels that pay tribute to all the complex, flawed, strong, beautiful, unstoppable, courageous women out there.

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"This is one intense, twisted, addictive, complex, jaw-dropping novel! Not only is this a very well-written book with wonderfully interesting characters, but the suspense builds at just the right pace as the story unfolds."

"This novel had quite a few twists and turns and the twists are so juicy that I couldn't stop reading."

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"By far the best emotional thriller I have read in years. Couldn't put it down once I started reading, the twists and plot had me on edge needing to know how it ended. Highly recommend this book it is beautifully written and so captivating from start to finish."

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 "I loved this book so much!! The depths of the twists in here will leave you speechless. It’s a huge work of great storytelling."

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"Coming to the way the author presented the story, it was racy and gut-wrenching at the same time. You will keep feeling wanting to squirm during almost 75% of the story. And though you will want to, you can't choose the one person with whom your sympathies lies completely.. Also, the author deals brilliantly with the complexities of relations in between the people of an abusive household."