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Unless you are one of the few authors who considers themselves outgoing and extroverted, you are probably a lot like me - a booktrovert more comfortable sitting in a quiet space, coffee in hand, staring off into space with one foot permanently in a world that exists only in your mind. 


Am I right? Believe me, I get it! 


Creating the Writer's Diary has really pushed my boundaries, because like you, I know how hard it can be to believe you have what it takes to write a great novel, then find the confidence to market it, and yourself, to the rest of the world.


But never fear. There is a proven, step-by-step, system for building the confidence you need to re-write the beliefs that are holding you back and to find the confidence you need to write your book then market it to the world!


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is to build a community of creative, courageous, women determined to be become published authors.


to own their story and their life and not to be afraid to re-write, edit, or remove any characters or

story-line that do not serve them - on the page or in their lives.


supporting each other, implementing lessons learned, and never giving up on our dreams.


About Me

I am a long-time newspaper journalist turned fiction writer. I am also a dreamer, a doer, a storyteller, a coffee lover, and fur mum to two golden retrievers Max and Sam.


I spend most of my time staring into space, walking between worlds, and creating out-loud character dialogue that sounds a lot like talking to myself in the shower.


I stay up late plotting and planning the lives of characters yet to be created and start every day embraced by the warmth of a good coffee.

I read books out loud to anyone who’ll listen and drive my husband mad by spending all my free time with friends who exist only on the page.

Most of all, I celebrate and adore all the magnificent women who never give up their dream of becoming published authors.

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